The Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical

“Neurotypical syndrome is a neurobiological disorder characterized by preoccupation with social concerns, delusions of superiority, and obsession with conformity.”

“Tragically, as many as 9,625 out of every 10,000 individuals may be neurotypical.”

“There is no known cure for Neurotypical syndrome. However, many NTs have learned to compensate for their disabilities and interact normally with autistic persons.”

The neurotypical people are a misunderstood people who suffer from a terrible mental syndrome and they need all the support that they can get. NT Syndrome, sometimes referred to as ‘mundane man malady,’ is a huge part of my life; my parents, my family, the vast majority of my friends, and even past girlfriends all have NT Syndrome but they’re learning to cope with it and I’m very proud of them all. It really warms my heart to see my loved ones trying to overcome their disorder.

In addition to the symptoms listed above, people who suffer from NT Syndrome:

  • are materialistic
  • are illogical
  • tend to have below-average to average intelligence
  • have very few interests, which tend to be of a consumerist and/or superficial nature
  • usually defend their lack of interest in anything substantial or fulfilling by labeling such pursuits as ‘nerdy,’ ‘geeky,’ or ‘dorky.’ According to the latest NT literature, these words are intended to be stigmatizing. Why NTs want to stigmatize these pursuits remains an elusive mystery to researchers
  • are scared of, rather than inspired by, people who are passionate or obsessive about something
  • are unable to understand anyone who has even a slightly different worldview
  • have no interest in trains. NONE.
  • routinely deny that there’s something wrong with them

Please show that you care and fund The Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical (ISNT) so that we can better understand this terrible disorder of the brain and provide the proper support. Funding will go to:

  • establishing classes on logic and classes on trains geared toward those with NT Syndrome
  • creating programs that educate autistic people on the ways of the neurotypical in order to foster acceptance of people with NT Syndrome
  • research to find a cure for NT Syndrome – for desperate measures only, of course

If you would like to learn more about the disease, I encourage you to visit ISNT’s website. Your support would be appreciated by all of us, including the neurotypicals.

[Source: Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical]


Now for some house-cleaning. The posting frequency of this blog will now be reduced to Fridays only. I thought I could do Monday and Friday but it had turned out to be a bit much. Hopefully, this will raise the quality of the posts. I may post on Monday (and even Wednesday) but they would be posts of a less serious nature like this one. A substantial post per Friday with occasional and optional brief/filler posts on Monday/Wednesday was the original plan when I was designing this blog anyway (but I got carried away, of course). Thank you for your understanding.

Also, I’m going to London to visit my mom for a couple of weeks in July and some suggestions on what to do while I’m there would be awesome. Touristy recommendations are strictly forbidden; I did all that last time.

15 thoughts on “The Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical

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  3. As a mom of a 41 y o xxxy male(of course) with unique and exquisite ways of expressing himself , your blog is a dream come true. I have felt so hopelessly inadequate in communicating with him because of my severe neurotypical- ness. And this lifetime of enduring other nt’s refusal to enjoy spending time and getting to know a person with a truly original personality. Please keep up your efforts with educating us. Don’t give up the good fight. And God bless you.

  4. Actually, I’m just reading the book called “A field guide to Earthlings”, which reveals a lot of how the mind of neurologically typicals works and why they have those disabilities, though unfortunately there really doesn’t seem to be a cure – let’s hope some actual experts can one day find a way to help these people. My mother is a neurotypical and I guess that and her psychosis (a really bad combination) are the main reasons why I have so many problems dealing with her. Though the book really did help me understand, just how bad it must be for them…

    Just kidding. I guess that NTs and Austistics are not disabled, but more different sub-species of homo homo sapiens, maybe having Aspies as a third sub-species or as a more-Authistic Hybrid between the two species. Seen from the point of view of each species, the other seems to be disabled, because it lacks the talent of one and has ‘weaknesses’ the other doesn’t know. The unfair difference is that NTs are awfully overpopulated and if you pair that with their trying-to-be-superior-by-pretending-to-be-superior behavior… You’ve got a it-is-different-so-it-must-be-a-disability diagnosis.
    Another problem with NTs is that they often even lie – and they also claim to “know” something, even if they -don’t- actually know it (usually not even enough to hold a monologue! That’s blasphemy!), so if you ask a neurotypical if they can relate to a person who is completely different from them, they will say ‘yes’ even though they don’t, while an Aspie or Autie would tell the truth. I suspect that lead the the – false – assumption, that autistic people couldn’t relate to people, while neurotypicals could. I mean heck, I’m an Aspie and I’m great at relating to people who aren’t too different from me, I can easily relate to animals and even objects – this is an ability NTs do not possess in that sense.

    That would be the (rather) objective point of view (something most NTs don’t seem to be able to access), but that aside, I agree. NTs are disabled and someone should search for a cure, the main problem is just, that the people ‘in charge’ are NTs as well…

  5. It just so happens I wrote the following blog post just yesterday:

    Today I happened to stumble across your page.
    While I get that its parody, I think a lot of it is really seriously very true.
    Being more common absolutely does not in and of itself imply that something is better.

    If being the norm was the criteria for being optimally healthy, we should be encouraging all American’s to be overweight, because it is more than half the population, therefor the majority, therefor the norm.
    But the fact that most people are a certain way doesn’t make it healthy, and it doesn’t make it better.

    When I read “Neurotypical syndrome is a neurobiological disorder characterized by preoccupation with social concerns, delusions of superiority, and obsession with conformity.” my head nearly exploded. YES! That is it!! I have been wondering, all my life, what the fuck is wrong with people? (Sorry if your offended by naughty words).
    Seeing the common preoccupation with social concerns, conformity, and acceptance as a pathology explains SO MUCH. Just because these traits are in most people, doesn’t make them any less a pathology. They make everyone’s life worse, everyone who has contact with the NT, and esp. with the NT themself. They cause totally needless worry and sadness and fear. They are the root of a large proportion of bad decisions. And they really have no upsides. Unfortunately, because it is so common, everyone thinks of their relation to social interaction as “normal”, and no one ever seeks out the help that they need.

    Man…. I was just going to write a short email with the link to my blog, and now I’m ending up writing a whole new one in this email. I’m developing this theory as I write, I think I’ll hit send, and work on it some more, and continue this idea in my next blog post…

  6. Hahaha. You’re right. NT people are in short dumb. They cannot and will never appreciate meaningful and substantial interests like science, technology, classical music, etc. They only like trashy gossip, expensive material things, and the worst of all, to be always the center of attention and always be right. That means they also suffer from narcissistic personality disorder. Too bad for them. I think you should pity them a lot. Unfortunately, NT syndrome has no cure. So instead, you should understand their poor flight. Someday, there will be a cure for NT syndrome.(^-^)

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  10. what do you know about the idea that Neanderthal man was actually an asperger.maybe thats why he become extinct after the coming of the homo sapiens from africa.

  11. At the risk of sounding ignorant or prejudiced — why single out trains as an interest that autistic people should/must have? My own hobbies are just as obscure and boring to most neurotypical people; I’ve never been fascinated by timetables for any transportation, but have memorized a zillion role-playing stats and classic TV quotes.

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  13. Study of the Neurologically Typical

    Just realised that I am autistic. I have spent the last 62 years in the misguided assumption that I was Nurotypical. I cannot express my feeling of extreme relief. As a child I was dyslectic and fascinated with the world around me. I was very keen on anything with wheels and not much interested in people. I was assumed to be just a little stupid and slightly slow. The autism umbrella did not cover me at that time, so I developed at my own pace without the dreaded intervention. This allowed me to develop at my own pace and compensate accordingly. As I had trouble writing, I developed a good memory. My fascination with the world developed an intense curiosity which allowed me to develop a good general knowledge of most subjects. As a loner, I developed a few good friends, not a lot of distant acquaintances. Facebook had not even been thought of, so the concept of hundreds of “friends” was alien to me. So as a blind man will develop good hearing, I also compensated in my own way. I still like wheels though.

    I developed an interest in this subject recently when by 2 ½ year old Grandson was assumed to have autistic traits. To me he looks and acts fine, just not talking or pointing. As a person that assumed to be suffering from NT syndrome, I was shocked. My basic understanding of autism was a severely disabled kid who could do nothing except dribble. Imagine my surprise at the list of symptoms that the medical world has included within the autism spectrum…

    Google “eye contact” or “Late talkers “. You will be bombarded by websites informing you of a likely diagnosis of autism. This has resulted in terrified parents a stampeding towards speech therapists and associated hippies that assure you that they can intervene in their child’s development.

    Leave the poor kid alone!!

    As a recent convert to autism I now realise that if these interventionists had got their claws into me I would likely to have been left completely screwed. I was always aware that I was different. I could see no point in pretending to drink from an empty cup (Imaginative play) Turning to my name (too busy with my wheels) Late talking (nothing of interest to say) Or giving eye contact to someone that I was not interested in. So, at 62 years old nothing changed there.

    The world is full of normal people. We all know them. Boring, grey unimaginative no spark in their dreary mundane lives but normal.

    Autisic people are different. We create diversity imagination, and the spark in society which would be sadly lacking without people with the courage to be different. Where would the world be without people like Hans Christian Andersen, Tim Burton, Lewis Carroll, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Michelangelo, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Sir Isaac Newton…. The list goes on….

    Until I recently converted. I thought my success in life was due to hard work and lucky breaks. I now realise that being autistic, therefore different was the reason that I now have a wonderful wife and family, A multi-million-pound business and several homes in two countries.

    If my grandson’s autism is confirmed, then this will be a reason for celebration not sadness. In this world of instant gratification and social media which is generally dumbing down the kids, we need new free thinkers that have the ability to be different.

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