New Here? Start Here!

Hello, stranger! If you’re new to this blog, you’ve clicked on the right pair of pair of words! This is basically a list of articles where you can start, each highlighting what is awesome about this blog. I believe that every post is significant in its own way but here’s a handful of what I believe to be representative of Angry Autie:

Why the hell I’m doing this: Post Zero (or, Why I’m Doing This Blog)

My attempt at literary criticism: The Role of Autism in the Emerging Economy: A Book Review for Create Your Own Economy by Tyler Cowen

An example of what I mean by ‘not-tism’: What is ‘Real’ Music?: An Electronic Musician’s Apology

Autism news deconstructed: So, All Autistic People are Atheists Apparently. Or, is it the Other Way Around?

Anti-Semantism + why I prefer “autistic person” over “person with autism”: Anti-Semantism: Is it “Autistic Person” or “Person with Autism”?: An Introduction to Person-First Language

An example of Ad Vice: Diatribe Against Normality, Pt. I: Your Anus Keeps You Humble

Tired of me being angry? Here’s a story!: Toiletries

For great great sarcasm: Is Autism All Bad News? Yes it is, According to Some Guy in New Jersey

Learn to speak good ‘n’ stuff!: On Ableist Language

A reference guide for the vaccine-autism link, featuring 72 studies that support the link and short descriptions of why they’re all bullshit: The Definitive Reference Guide to Debunking the Vaccine-Autism Link

One thought on “New Here? Start Here!

  1. Hi, I’m 68 years old, hpefully to live until we some meaningful stuff back from the James Webb Telescope.I have a problem which more-or-less dooms in a year or three but that’s an aside.
    I discovered i am Aspie several week’s ago and finally had an explanation for everything that life has thrown at me. I kind off feel like I’ve come home because I’ve now discovered people like myself.
    A couple of comments: Frank Zappa does it for me – genius. Also in more recent times John Petrucci/Dream Theatre. I love guitar generally. I was drawn to it when I was pre-teens. I have several and build my own amps etc.
    On Aspie-ism and atheism; my thinking is that my brain-wiring is what makes me both. And what Putin is doing to Ukraine is deeply upsetting for me. Misunderstood and mistreated as I have been, particularly in a couple of schools I attended, politicians of most stripes repel me. Totally anal if you know what I mean. They are of course elected because they are popular, not because they are smart. It i an unfortunate fact of life on this planet. Competitiveness seems to be innate to life. Not mine however 😉
    Your rant on non-profit organizations struck a very loud chord.
    I won’t bother starting a blog, just enjoy reading those created by others. I couldn’t add anything useful.Thanks for giving me the opportunity to communicate without having to sign up to anything. I don’t do social media – as a long time assembly language programmer and hobbiest electronics person I am fully aware that they who write the programs control the computer (contrary to what the purchasing public appear to think.

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