Attack of the Factually Misguided Viral Images

I’ve noticed this image making the rounds on the Interwebs lately:


According to this image, I am literally inept at everything as an autistic person. What particularly annoys me is that it’s “backed up” by what is supposed to be neuroscience. Don’t believe all the neuroscience you read, folks. Neurosceince-debunking, something that is absolutely necessary in this era, is not quite my department so let me refer you to Neurocritic and Neuroskeptic for more information regarding faulty pop-neuroscience.

Also, these are actually symptoms of Neurotypical Syndrome, in which one tends to project his or her own mental faults onto others. For more information on NT Syndrome, or ‘mundane man malady’ as some call it, please read this.

Or someone needs to reassure me that this is an inside joke gone awry.

Also, I’m on vacation in London now so posting frequency is spotty until I come back sometime at the end of the month.

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