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I believe that the current discourse on autism is sorely lacking. Researchers writing about it is like men writing about feminism. Science cannot provide a full account of autism and never will. There is an entire phenomenological experience of autism that can only be captured by listening to autistic people AND taking them seriously.

The point of this blog is to cut through all the bells and whistles of the media and to get to the heart of autism really is. I am taking a stance by doubting everything that I’ve ever heard about autism and rebuilding it from the ground up using my own history with it as a starting point. For this reason, you may notice a lot of cross-referencing. I also want to open up the conversation on autism to the fullest extent possible, even to the point where it could be seen as radical. I’ll write on some recent developments, I might post some philosophical shit, I might post some personal, phenomenological shit. Basically, anything that has to do with autism will be discussed and viciously attacked if necessary.

As for frequency of posting, I will shoot for every Friday and the occasional Monday. Keep in mind, however, that I have other commitments such as grad school and work and I have other hobbies and a social life to maintain so posting may not be as frequent as I’d like. I’d recommend subscribing to the blog and getting emails whenever I post something new.

Remember: I do not speak for all autistic people. That’s impossible. I simply write about things related to autism as a single autistic person with his own interests and background who feels pushed back by society.

Here’s another very important thing to keep in mind concerning this blog: I started this blog around the time when I just started getting really interested in the nitty-gritty of autism. I started out by reading accounts by people like Temple Grandin and Oliver Sacks. As I go further with my blogging, I become more mature so some of my earlier posts may become less representative of my current beliefs and I even start disparaging the people I once read. You may call it flip-flopping but I keep these posts up in order to keep track of my intellectual growth. For example, in the beginning, I actually used the terms ‘high-functioning’ and ‘low-functioning’ but then I started  to phase those terms out to the point where I even wrote a post about why those terms are bullshit. This may explain any contradictions that you may notice throughout the blog.

For a more philosophically fleshed out version of this page, check out my post entitled “Post Zero.”

2 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. Can you please post a link to your post on why you think the terms “high-functioning” and “low-functioning” are BS? Maybe post several links to the posts you feel are the most important? I’m a first-year M/S special education teacher and my goal is to produce students who can get out of self-contained classes and be part of the discourse. I’m definitely for listening to actual autistic people on the issues.

    • Those labels are applied by ‘Normal’ people speaking from a place of power to those they see as ‘defective’ and inferior.

      ‘High Functioning’ means that one can be safely ignored – save when one inconveniences one’s betters (which is everyone, if one is autistic)

      ‘Low Functioning’ means that one’s presence is an affront to those same betters, and hence one must be killed forthwith, rather than merely allowed to rot in place.

      In both circumstances, there is NO room for the autistic in the Normal world, for the Normal world demands worship of an appropriate type, and the impurity of the autistic taints – and ruins – everything in the vicinity.

      This thinking is best evidenced by the rhetoric of “Autism Speaks” – an organization dedicated to the eradication of both autism and autistic individuals.

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