I’m Back!

I recently got relieved from my duties as a support worker. Around the time I stopped blogging, I went from doing my support worker job part-time to doing it full-time, which ended up being a mistake for me. I became so focused on my job that I barely made time for myself. A lot has happened in the year and a half from the last entry on this blog and now. I won’t bore you with every little detail but I’ll tell you the basics.

Other than leaving my job, I got accepted to graduate school at Hunter College to study early childhood education and special education. I learned the hard way that working with autistic adults to help them improve their lives it a difficult task, at least one that I’m probably not suited for anyhow. After some soul searching, I realized that my efforts and support style are better suited for children. Adults, autistic or not, get stuck in their ways whereas early intervention can make a huge difference.

I also fell in love. I’m very happy with her, she makes me a better person, and I don’t give a flying-pedophile-rat-fuck how cliché that sounds. She’s getting her MSW, is planning on entering the field of law to advocate for autistic people, and our four-month anniversary was a few days ago. Other than the fact that there’s probably nothing out there better for me than her, autism and dating is ripe, virtually uncharted territory and I’ll probably write something about it. The short version is that no matter your brain chemistry, as long as you work on being the best person you can be, there’s someone for everyone.

My (old) organization also appointed me their first in-house music teacher. For two hours a week, I provide music instruction to someone who receives services from the organization. I devised an approach that is part instruction, part therapy, which is proving to be successful. Even though I no longer work as a support worker, I still do this for them.

I also read through my own blog recently and realized that I took on a very important intellectual task and stopping it was totally stupid. I’m gonna get back on the horse now!

2 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. I was just looking at an email of angry autie that came up at random yesterday and was taken by surprise as I thought it was new then this shows up …! Synchronicity !! Xxxlove youxxx


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