I’m Baaack! (Again)

For the 3rd or 4th time, I’m starting this blog up again. For the entire time from my last blog post until now, I’ve been enrolled in a graduate-level teacher training program at Hunter College to become a certified special education teacher for elementary school students. So I’ve been busy writing papers and immersing myself in the world of special education.

I learned a lot of cool stuff along the way. For example, I worked for one year at a special education school, the Rebecca School, that is known for its innovative approach to working with autistic children called Floortime. I’ve immersed myself in the theory of Floortime and what makes it tick – I even wrote my master’s thesis on it – and will probably write about it at some point here (spoiler alert: it works AND is non-oppressive). I’ve also had a year-long stint with socialist politics and activism, having been involved in a socialist organization in addition to work and school. That experience has helped me integrate the injustices that I have seen and experienced on a personal level into the bigger picture.

All the while, I’ve received pressure to continue with this blog from some people. I’m bringing the blog back and will try to write one quality post once every two weeks, possibly on Mondays. Check back in two weeks!

I may simply publish some papers I wrote in school as I write up some new material in order to get myself back in the blogging rhythm.

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