Because Avoiding Autism is Totally Worth Risking Your Health: An Unintended Lesson in Vaccines and Irony From a Ridiculous Pastor

I know its terrible to laugh at other people’s misfortunes, especially when it comes to issues like public health, but I can’t help but feel that Kenneth Copeland, the leader of a megachurch in Texas, and his followers got what they deserved.

Copeland dissuaded his followers from getting vaccines, the reasons being the advocacy of ‘faith healing’ – whatever that means – and that, of course, vaccines cause autism, despite the mounting (to the point of being definite) evidence that there is no link between autism and vaccines whatsoever. As a result, a measles outbreak has occurred in Northern Texas. Measles is one of those diseases that are so contagious that public health professionals in neighboring states would have to be put on alert. But the silver lining in all this is that nobody caught the autism! A two-year-old may have contracted the measles but at least he didn’t contract the autism!

Truthers: 1

Autism Agenda: 0

Here’s a link to the story. I’d reiterate what happened myself but I have too much schadenfreude to care right now.

Before you ask, yes, this really happened in 2013.

This is what happens when you ignore science and just put your hands on your ears and go “LALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” You pay the price. But people still continue to believe that vaccines cause autism.

If you read this blog, you’ll notice that I haven’t mentioned vaccines once. Search this blog for the word ‘vaccine’ and nothing written before this post will come up. This isn’t an accident. I stay away from the vaccine debate as much as humanly possible because I get fired up over this ‘issue’ easily and as a result, I wouldn’t have the time or energy to write about more interesting autism-related things. It’ll also result in more broken computers, since I’d be smashing my computer out of anger every time I read some ignoramus claim that vaccines (or mercury or whatever your poison is) causes autism. If you want to witness true stubborn devotion to pseudoscientific ideas that only make less sense as time passes, check out the debate sometime. Anti-vaxxers are as bad as the people who believe that global warming isn’t real or believe that 9/11 was an inside job or believe that aliens made the pyramids in Egypt.

The idea that vaccines cause autism has been scientifically disproven for a long time and isn’t worth the attention that it gets anymore. Yet its supporters, the number of which is fortunately dwindling, won’t let this theory go away. How many research papers must we publish before this theory goes away forever? The main argument that vaccines cause autism is that as frequency of vaccine shots in children went up, autism rates went up, which has no real scientific ground in that it ignores not only that correlation doesn’t imply causation but also how vaccines actually work. The author of the article on the measles outbreak also wrote a short and accessible article briefly explaining how vaccines work in order to show how, for the umpteen millionth time, it has nothing to do with autism, citing a study that should put support for this theory out of its dogmatic and scientifically unsound misery.

There are also offshoots of this theory like ‘mercury causes autism’ but they’re based on the same smoke and mirrors.

I think these people remain devoted to this theory and its alternative versions for two reasons: A) we’d be left with no other explanation as to what causes autism and B) they’d look like fools for taking the necessary precautions that come with believing this crap and nobody wants to be the fool. Let me leave you with this fantastic Neil deGrasse Tyson quote:

“… there is no shame in not knowing. The problem arises when irrational thought and attendant behavior fill the vacuum left by ignorance.”

And I promise never to bring up vaccines on this blog again because the point of this blog is to discuss important issues in autism that aren’t discussed as often as they should.

15 thoughts on “Because Avoiding Autism is Totally Worth Risking Your Health: An Unintended Lesson in Vaccines and Irony From a Ridiculous Pastor

  1. I don’t like spending time reading this junk. People who believe vaccines are safe know nothing about the history of vaccines. There are no studies proving that any vaccine has prevented or curtailed any disease. This lack of evidence includes: Smallpox, Polio and the Spanish Flu. The studies that pro vaccine people continue to refer to were published by the vaccine manufactures. Third party independent studies have concluded that vaccines are indeed dangerous. Dr. David Ayoub has over 900 Pier Review studies that link Autism to vaccines.

    People who choose not to receive vaccines, have a rite to do so. The unvaccinated do not spread disease and such an idea is beyond stupidity. If the vaccines are so efficacious then anyone choosing to be injected should be safe from such diseases. I have spent 15 years studying vaccines and autism. I am therefore very familiar with such repetitive pabulum regarding the efficacy of vaccines.

    Finally I have two children who had reactions to their childhood vaccinations and are now autistic. I now realize what a tragic mistake I made. My children will never receive another vaccine, ever! I am more than willing to discuss any thing about this subject with anyone who is sincere about knowing the truth. I can be emailed at

    • You said that you don’t like spending time reading this junk but you just did so joke’s on you! 😀

      Anyway, the point of vaccines is NOT to completely prevent a disease, it is to make us temporarily immune to the disease. And by temporarily, I mean until the virus has evolved so that the vaccine has no effect on it. I would think that you would know that after studying vaccines for 15 years as you claim. I learned that shit in Biology 101.

      And could you please provide links to some of these “third party independent studies” that you’re referring to in addition to some of Dr. David Ayoub’s? I’m sure you’ll find them. You’re on the Internet, after all. 😉 Just so I’m playing fair, here’s a link to a peer reviewed article that disproves the vaccine theory: There are plenty more studies where that came from. Your move, chap.

      And could you please enlighten me as to how “the unvaccinated do not spread disease”? Because this is a new and completely counterintuitive idea to me. I originally thought that the vaccine would make them temporarily immune so that they will not catch the disease, therefore the *vaccinated* do not spread disease. Perhaps you could clear the fog 🙂

      Maybe you should just tell me yourself how vaccines work, since you’re the expert and I’m just a lowly autistic blogger. I’ll suspend my disbelief just for you. 🙂

      And your children are in the club!!! Sweet! Congratulations on your kids’ autism diagnosis! 😀

      • First of all, it is no joke that 1 in 50 children are now afflicted with Autism. Autism devastates families. My wife has health issues caused by the enormous stress of dealing with our ASD children. My children are most likely condemned to suffer the rest of their lives with this. This life long sentence is mostly due to the fact that the medical system has mostly failed to do anything to help people with ASD. You may want to show a little compassion for ASD victims   Secondly, I am not interested in arguing or exchanging dogma about this matter. If you want my attention and time don’t make smart comments. If You are truly sincere, then you are welcome to call me or mail me a flash drive. I will send you this material. In the mean time you may want to watch the DVD documentaries listed below. When viewing this list of titles keep an open mind because the aphorism, “Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover” applies here as well.   Vaccine Nation by Dr. Gary Null, Shoot Em Up by Judy Apicella, Vaccines, ‘What CDC Documents and Science reveal’ by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Emerging Viruses and Vaccinations by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Mercury Autism and The Global Vaccine Agenda by Dr. David Ayoub.   The American Academy of Pediatrics has contradicted themselves frequently with their own statements. Many of these consulted doctors receive speaking and retainer fees from pharmaceutical manufactures. Dr. David Ayoub very eloquently illustrates this in his lecture. The American Academy of Pediatrics is not a third party organization. There are always conflicts of interest within large organizations. Studies from independent scientists offer a much broader view since there are fewer such conflicts.      Now, I would like to answer you question on why the Unvaccinated do not spread disease? This is all based on a false concept known as Herd Immunity. Herd immunity does not exist because any acquired immunity from the vaccine has worn off in as little as 2 to 7 years.  Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock has stated this in his lectures. This is of course inconvenient for anyone promoting the Herd Immunity. How many people in the adult population has had their childhood immunizations lately? Are these millions of adults not potential carriers of Disease?   Most all recent disease epidemics have broken out in highly vaccinated communities. For example, the 1918 outbreak of Spanish Flu. Most interesting Spanish Flu outbreaks only occurred in countries with wide spread vaccination programs. Scientists also know that disease outbreaks largely occur in cycles because antigens frequently mutate. After mutation humanity is left to deal with a totally new disease anyway. After all, viruses are the oldest and most successful life form on the planet. After a antigen mutates, there would seem to be two realistic outcomes. The body’s immune system will either have to play catch-up or another vaccine will have to be developed and deployed with the hope it will work. Take for example the resurgence of Whooping Cough in young children.     Anyone can catch a disease and accidentally pass it on before they know they’re sick, even the vaccinated. If herd immunity existed, there should not be widespread disease outbreaks in highly vaccinated communities. Vaccinated communities should be seeing lower rates of disease but this is not the case. For example look at the seasonal flu outbreaks that are on the rise each year. Another interesting fact is, why did Polio decline sharply for 8 years before the development of the Dr. Sabin or Dr. Salk vaccines? Most importantly less than 1 percent of the population contracted paralytic Polio. Most of the Polio was asymptomatic. Another shocking example would be the outbreak of the Measles. Between the years of 1940 and 1960 the vast majority of these Measles cases disappeared on their own. The Measles vaccine was not introduced until 1963!   One of the best arguments for informed consent and choice would be lack of vaccine accountability. Pharmaceutical manufactures and even doctors can be held liable when injury occurs from the use of pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately vaccine manufactures and doctors are not held responsible in cases of injury or even death caused by vaccines. Aren’t both vaccines and pharmaceuticals forms of invasive medicine?   I would prefer further correspondence by phone of Flash Drive. I do not check the email everyday.              


        • FIrst of all, if you took even a superficial look at this blog and what it’s about, you’ll see that I’m autistic. Are you really going to assume that I’m condemned to a shitty life because I’m autistic? I find the way you talk about autism to be very insulting to me. If you’re blaming the devastation of your family on autism, then you must be a very easily devastated family that can’t hold itself together. If you read the rest of this blog, you’ll see my perspective on how autism is more of an alternative state of being rather than the terrible disease that it’s made out to be (and don’t give me that shit about ‘real autism’ because that shit is fake), which I would think is a step beyond compassion: advocacy and empowerment. I recommend that you read “Loud Hands: Autistic People Speaking,” a collection of essays written by autistic people, to gain a more humane perspective on autism. I especially recommend it to you since you are an autism parent who apparently has a cold and purely clinical perspective on autism and has virtually given up on his children (“My children are most likely condemned to suffer the rest of their lives with this.”).

          Judging from that giant block of text that contain nothing but non-sequiturs that are supposed to piece together a counter-argument, you’re saying that vaccines wear off and the virus comes back. DUH. Nobody denies that vaccines eventually wear off because, as I said before, the virus eventually evolves so that it is unaffected by the vaccine (which I believe you said at one point as well). That’s just how that shit works. Nobody is claiming that vaccines prevent the diseases altogether. It’s more of a temporary and, yes, imperfect solution. I will keep repeating this point in our correspondence until it registers with you and until you understand that that’s my point.

          What I’m still waiting to hear from you is how in the world vaccines cause autism. If you are truly the expert you claim to be, I’m sure you can very easily explain in your own words how vaccines cause autism (using as little jargon as possible because I’m not a scientist). We can’t move forward in this argument until you do that. If you bother to keep up with the latest research, you see that support for the vaccine theory is dwindling by the day, and that it has reached the point where it is no longer scientifically valid.

          Let me explain as best as I can as a non-scientist/educated layman how vaccines DON’T cause autism:
          1. Vaccines are made up of antigens that trigger the immune response. Any conversation involving vaccines needs to consider the antigens in them because that’s the active ingredient.
          2. The average number of antigens in a vaccine has actually decreased in the past 15 years, from thousands to a mere 300.
          3. Autism rates have shot up.
          4. To suggest that vaccines cause autism is to suggest that the amount of antigens in a vaccine is linked to autism.
          5. Autism goes up while number of antigens goes down? Um, does not compute, yo. Unless you can prove that antigens and autism are negatively correlated.
          6. Antigens and autism are not negatively correlated. In fact, according to my source, they’re not correlated at all.
          7. Therefore, vaccines do not cause autism.

          • Stop trying to insult my intelligence by putting words in my mouth. As you already know there are different diagnosis for Autism. Some people do have worse symptomology than others. Since you know nothing about me you should hold your tongue because I am many years older and wiser than your self. Also you can dispense with the rhetoric of superiority because this haughty attitude will solve nothing. Please stop trying to argue about the biology of vaccines. I think we both have understanding for the purported purpose for vaccines. As with everything, there is much more to the equation than what has manifest.   Also for the record, I am not claiming that vaccines are the only cause of Autism. According to Dr. Tim O’Shea, Genetic epidemics are an impossibility, which means, something is going on in the environment to cause such epidemics. As far as my children and their Autism we have made great progress with their recovery. I don’t know how much further they will evolve. I do not have a cold medical diagnosis about Autism. I understand that there are spiritual aspects to the Autism equation. If Objective science was being applied using the correct scientific methodology then answers would be forthcoming. There are documented cases of controls being manipulated to achieved the desired results. We both know that this is not correct scientific procedure.   The number of doses of vaccines has also gone up since 1980. There are also 300 new vaccines in development as we speak. When I spoke of antigens I was referring to agents that cause disease not the antigens in the vaccines. The term obviously has broader uses. surely you must know that vaccines contain other adjuvants such as:  aluminum, lead, mercury, cadmium, acetone, glycerin, neomycin, streptomycin,  formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, squalene,  aborted fetal tissue, foreign proteins, Foreign DNA and RNA, attenuated animal viruses, MSG, Monkey kidney, sheep blood, pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain and cow heart to name a few.   Is it not plausible that the human immune system is over reacting after being injected with these chemical poisons. Are you familiar with cytokine storms which can destroy an immune system? Our body’s immune and humoral system was not designed to respond favorably to injections. Perhaps better yet, you can explain to me why vaccines contain all of these poisons. Perhaps you can argue this once you have looked into these chemical agents further.  


            • So you’re just going to drop a bunch of chemical names and expect me to do all the research? Apart from a handful of science courses I took in college, I know diddly-squat about science so I don’t even know where to begin (but I do know enough to know when someone is bullshitting me). If you’re going to drop names of chemicals, you have to explain to me how the chemicals are relevant to the discussion. The term ‘cytokine storm’ doesn’t mean anything to me. How are ‘cytokine storms’ relevant to this discussion? Stop hiding behind your authority and use it!

              I actually know that vaccine shots went up but the immune system doesn’t count the actual number of shots, only what’s in them, namely the antigens in them, the amount of which, as I mentioned, has gone way down, making the rising number of vaccine shots meaningless. I’m sorry that I keep talking about how vaccines work but your ignorance is showing. Plus, most of the adjuvants you mentioned have specific uses (Wikipedia has a basic breakdown on the Vaccine page). What do they have to do with our discussion? Are you just trying to gross me out so that I agree with you? PLEASE cite your sources.

              I don’t want to insult your intelligence but the fact that you leave out so much essential information and expect me to fill in all the blanks or do a creative dance interpretation or whatever is, in fact, leading me to believe that you’re not the expert you say you are.

              Also, you didn’t answer my question: if you strongly believe that vaccines cause autism and if you’re such an expert in both, then surely you can stop beating around the bush and finally tell me how vaccines cause autism. I’m starting to lose my patience with you. If you don’t answer this question in your next comment, I’m just going to assume that you’re full of shit and stop feeding this comment war.

              • There you are again on the offensive with your colorful metaphors. It would seem that you are coloring the kettle black by trying to find flaws in my statements instead listening to the message. I have not boosted of intellect, college background or otherwise. Let me make it clear once more, I am a researcher and a massager. I do my own research and draw conclusions based on careful analysis of third party high level researchers. I am also familiar enough with scientific principals to know when I am being deceived. Nothing I have said has been fabricated or exaggerated to add ambiguity. There is enough deception out there all ready. Once again for the record, I will give you or anyone else any material I have in my archives. It is absolutely free for the taking. I have nothing to prove because the data is citation enough.  What is not relevant about caustic chemicals in vaccines? As I stated earlier why are any of these chemicals added to vaccines? What possible benefits could they offer to the vaccine recipient? Why is there so much secrecy surrounding vaccine constituents? You absolutely hit the nail on the head when you said “it is what’s in them”.  I am not willing to go into every single detail on the chemical additives. I gave you the list of chemical names in an attempt to demonstrate what else is in vaccines. Also I attempted to illustrate the complexity of the vaccine debate. This was not intended as a personal attack. Perhaps my mistake was believing that this debate was going somewhere productive. My advice to you is think long and hard about what you really believe. Are you will to put it all on the line?   Your million dollar question “What is the cause of Autism?”. You are asking me to prove that vaccines cause autism when there are no official controls groups of unvaccinated people to make a case. There are the Amish who do not vaccinate. The Amish communities have no autism among there biological children. Dan Olmsted reported on this after looking for Autism rates among their children. After looking at 22,000 Amish children and interviewing the doctors who see these children he found 5 individuals. Four were adopted from outside the US. The fifth individual had been exposed to mercury fumes while working with his father in a blacksmith shop. Would the Amish not provide a non vaccinated control group?   There are however control groups among unvaccinated animals. Vaccinated animals especially monkeys have developed Autism like symptoms after being injected with the same vaccines babies receive. Vaccines have been proven to dysregulate the immune system to cause autoimmune disease and this in turn can lead to Autism. Most people with Autism have autoimmune disease. The united states Supreme Court has even stated that “Vaccines are inherently unsafe” Are you not familiar with Vaccine Compensation Court or VAERS data Base?     Since you insist on references I will attach some for you to view. But you should get the entire archive.        


                • Dude, I read your message. And I’m still taking the piss out of you because your message is no longer scientifically valid (I could be worse to you by attacking your grammar and spelling but that would be too easy, not to mention mean, and won’t accomplish anything). This stuff has been disproved for a long time. And I can’t believe it took you this long to tell me you’re a researcher and a massager, though the relevance of you being a massager will remain an elusive mystery to me.

                  As for your claim that “nothing I have said has been fabricated or exaggerated to add ambiguity,” I would think that “Monkey kidney, sheep blood, pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain and cow heart” in a vaccine is a fabrication, if not an exaggeration to add ambiguity, since it certainly comes off as such. Even if it were true, if the immune system detects that stuff, I would think that it would eradicate it easily. Again, I’m not sure. Simply listing what’s in the vaccines doesn’t say anything to me as someone who knows so little about that stuff.

                  As for the study of the Amish that you mentioned, just because there is no autism in the Amish community and just because they don’t vaccinate doesn’t and shouldn’t imply a relationship between vaccines and autism. I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “correlation doesn’t imply causation,” one of the most essential mantras of science (there’s an entire Wikipedia article on it!), which states that just because X happens in correlation with Y does not definitively suggest that X causes Y or Y causes X. In this case, more research needs to be done before any definitive conclusions can be drawn up.

                  As for the monkeys-developing-autism thing, let me just redirect you to this:

                  As for “The united states Supreme Court has even stated that ‘Vaccines are inherently unsafe,'” I ask you, how many justices in the Supreme Court are scientists? Since when is the Supreme Court the absolute authority on vaccines?

                  And for the record, I’m absolutely uninterested in the cause of autism. I believe a question like that is up there with something like ‘what causes homosexuality?’ in terms of ridiculousness and misguidance.

          • I will be off line for a couple of days. I will check back to see what you think. Send me a flash Drive if you want it all.


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  3. I suspect that what is *really* behind avoidance of ‘bodily polution’ (e.g. use of vaccines / medicine) is a matter of ‘magic’ – as in ‘Folk-magic(k)’.

    How I well recall the association with what amounts to ‘Magic’ re K. Copeland – only then, at least in that particular milieu, the emphasis was upon the acquisition of financial wealth by the ‘force of faith’. (Oh, and ‘healing’, also…)

    I could never make that particular form of ‘magic’ work. Just as good – believers should stay well clear of what the Bible names witchcraft.

    That didn’t stop various individuals from attempting to ‘expel’ spooks out of me. I wasn’t diagnosed then, so they saw the resulting lack of Normalism as the effect of being inhabited by spooks. I learned then that fasting is a real drag.

    I learned later that while church is *supposed* to be a refuge from ‘societal nastiness’ – it usually isn’t – and, in some cases, it can actually be *worse*..

    Keep on being irate in the everlasting cause. It’s refreshing.

    Down with Normalism!

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