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The Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical


“Neurotypical syndrome is a neurobiological disorder characterized by preoccupation with social concerns, delusions of superiority, and obsession with conformity.”

“Tragically, as many as 9,625 out of every 10,000 individuals may be neurotypical.”

“There is no known cure for Neurotypical syndrome. However, many NTs have learned to compensate for their disabilities and interact normally with autistic persons.”

The neurotypical people are a misunderstood people who suffer from a terrible mental syndrome and they need all the support that they can get. NT Syndrome, sometimes referred to as ‘mundane man malady,’ is a huge part of my life; my parents, my family, the vast majority of my friends, and even past girlfriends all have NT Syndrome but they’re learning to cope with it and I’m very proud of them all. It really warms my heart to see my loved ones trying to overcome their disorder.

In addition to the symptoms listed above, people who suffer from NT Syndrome:

Please show that you care and fund The Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical (ISNT) so that we can better understand this terrible disorder of the brain and provide the proper support. Funding will go to:

If you would like to learn more about the disease, I encourage you to visit ISNT’s website. Your support would be appreciated by all of us, including the neurotypicals.

[Source: Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical]


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