These Photos of a Boy with Autism Are Amazing


Click this link, courtesy of my friend Tiago:


From what I could gather from the less-than-perfect Google translation, rather than having a certain agenda in explaining what autism is (because, let’s face it; no one really knows what it is), photographer Timothy Archibald chose to capture the basic essence of the subject, his son who happens to have autism. These photos capture the uninhibited curiosity and naiveté that is characteristic of any young child, autistic or not. Of course, one will only notice that if one weren’t concerned with understanding and being so categorical about autism.


Basically, it’s about autism but at the same time, it’s not. And it’s not about autism by virtue of the fact that it’s about autism. Oh, art, you beautiful, paradoxical thing, you.


Also, none of these photos were staged and, according to Archibald, they couldn’t be; his son gets bored with whatever he does quickly and moves on to the next thing.

These photos come from Archibald’s book, Echolilia: Sometimes I Wonder, which is a bit pricey at $125. If the huge price tag doesn’t scare you, you can buy it by clicking here.

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