So, All Autistic People are Atheists Apparently. Or, is it the Other Way Around? [UPDATE]


Yep. All of them. So if you’re reading this and you’re autistic and somehow religiously confused, let Turkish sociologist Fehmi Kaya (pictured above) settle that once and for all: you’re an atheist. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Done. The reasoning of Mr. Kaya, who is somehow the head of Health and Education Associations for Autistic Children in Turkey, is that auties have “a lack of a section for faith in their brains.”

“That is why they don’t know how to pray, how to believe in God. It is necessary to create awareness in these children through methods of therapy.”

Not only does he say that all auties are atheists, he also says that all atheists are auties:

“Researchers in the USA and Canada say that atheism is a different form of autism.”

Disregarding the many things that are wrong with that statement (such as factual inaccuracy, weasel words, etc.) for a minute, let’s analyze these two statements in tandem. He’s, in essence, saying two different things and clumsily passing them off as similar. First, he says that all auties are within the larger group of atheists. Then, by calling atheism an alternative form of autism, he forgets the implication of the last thing he said and implies that atheists are within the larger group of auties. Therefore, in Fehmi’s mind, the autistic population is in a quantum state of being the smaller group AND the larger group in comparison to atheists.

Here’s a picture of me and Fehmi after I interviewed him:


They had to escort me out of the building.

Also, this:

“We cannot expect a child who cannot recognise a picture to recognize God. We need to help the autistic child recognise objects through therapy by targeting areas of senses in the brain.” [sic]

Because recognizing a picture is exactly like recognizing God, amirite?

But it turns out that some Turks hate him as much as we do. One Turk in a Reddit thread even said that he’s basically the Turkish Todd Akin.

UPDATE: Apparently, Mr. Kaya didn’t mean to imply that all autistic children were a bunch of little Christopher Hitchenses:

“The message I wished to give was not about autism and atheism, but to highlight that these children cannot communicate, cannot form empathy, live in their own worlds and are isolated.”

So instead of saying these children cannot communicate, cannot form empathy, live in their own worlds and are isolated,” he originally decided to make his point by calling us atheists, a term that is remotely, if at all, related to what he was trying to say. He expected us to do a creative interpretation of the word “atheist.” He might as well have made his point by performing contemporary interpretive dance for the press.

[Sources: Hurriyet Daily News & Autism Key (though I’m really creeped out by their slogan “Unlock the Mystery”)]

4 thoughts on “So, All Autistic People are Atheists Apparently. Or, is it the Other Way Around? [UPDATE]

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  4. A better (as in possibly more-accurate) way of putting this is ‘Autists do not do Magic(k)’.

    The magic I am speaking of isn’t what ‘wiccans’ or hermeticists practice, but rather the ‘Volk-magic’ that seems hard-wired into the unconscious of most Nt’s / Normies. This is so much the case that one might say ‘instinct came first, and Magic followed’, which is why ‘The Golden Bough’ (Frazer) shows that many, perhaps most ‘magical’ / ‘relgious’ notions are present worldwide and across-cultures. (And, why C. G. Jung’s ‘red book’ shows so many ‘magic-based’ notions…)

    The purpose of ‘magic’ seems to be to externalize and legitimize certain pernicious instinctual behaviors, specifically those behaviors that seek to gain, maintain, and increase power expressed in the form of social dominance.

    Since many, perhaps most autists don’t understand ‘social dominance’ (I include myself in that category, both as officially diagnosed some years ago and having no real grasp of social dominance) they are not (as) susceptible to notions of ‘magic’.

    If an autist DOES believe, however, he’s most likely NOT going to believe the way Normies believe, e.g. God is regarded as an absolutely real person having some truly unusual qualities – as real as any other, in fact.

    My suspicion is that something on the order of being blown off of one’s riding animal while simultaneously being rendered blind is what is required to ‘get through’ to the vast majority of Normies. Untll something like THAT happens, they’re going to be mired in the Volk-magic notions that come so naturally to them – and as a result, they’re still going to be altogether Normal.

    And pharisaical, with all of the evil that way of being entails.

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