Here’s a Video That Demonstrates How Autistic People View Things

Shortly after I ‘came out,’ a friend of mine sent this video to me. In what amounts to a beautiful and philosophical statement on the concept of personhood, “In My Language” exposes the world of “silentmiaow,” an autistic Youtube user, and makes it clear that a deficit in language does not imply lack of thought and that these supposedly strange and random movements, unguided by reason, indicate a total immersion in and awareness of the immediate environment rather than an error in brain functioning. silentmiaow is also surprisingly articulate for someone who doesn’t speak.

If this video does not make you question the accepted notions of personhood, nothing will. In fact, immediately after watching this video, I started researching personhood, completely forgetting to thank my friend for sending me the video in the process! (Oops. General, send in the oops! Ich heisse Herr Oops. Other funny statements involving ‘oops.’) It’s certainly a very complex topic and some definitions of personhood that I found are more autism-friendly than others. Definitions of the ‘others’ variety that I speak of in the last sentence talk about agency of actions, rationality, and the ability to spontaneously use human language, things that autistic people have varying degrees of trouble with.

I smell a future post…

3 thoughts on “Here’s a Video That Demonstrates How Autistic People View Things

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