New Autism Statistics: 1 in 50!!

That’s right. ONE IN MOTHERFUCKING FIFTY. So that means if you have 500 Facebook friends, 10 of them on average spam your newsfeed with trains. The rest spam your feed with pictures of food, pictures of shoes, and, if you have friends who are into multitasking or saving bandwidth, pictures of food with shoes.

Or if you have 25 Facebook friends, ½ a person is posting about trains. Which half, we may never know.

The stats were probably 34 in 1,000 or so when I was diagnosed at two in 1992. We are well on our way to taking over the world. Bow down to us and our weirdness.

Anyway, read more about it at the ol’ HuffPost

One thought on “New Autism Statistics: 1 in 50!!

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